$399.00 USD

2 x 90-minute LinkedIn coaching sessions

Individualized LinkedIn coaching sessions to help scientific executives create content that attracts the right audience and generates the leads you want.

Feel confident your profile is optimized and that you're posting the right message to build your thought leadership and grow your business.

What you'll get:

  1. Set your strategy
  2. Uncover your unique, can't-be-copied professional voice
  3. Nail your compelling message and the sub-topics you'll communicate about
  4. Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  5. Train you to properly use and leverage LinkedIn
  6. Create an impactful (yet realistic and achievable) posting schedule
  7. Learn about the different post types and how to maximize them (documents, video, images, polls, newsletters, etc.)
  8. Grow a quality (not generic or irrelevant) network of connections and/or followers
  9. Develop a direct outreach plan and 1:1 message examples
  10. Create your 6-month content plan
  11. Integrate your company page and team members
  12. Troubleshoot areas of concern so you have confidence using the platform
  13. Learn how to review and analyze your metrics

By the end, you will have a complete, ready-to-use LinkedIn strategy that will achieve the original goals you set. By staying consistent and following the plan, you will see your metrics increase over time as you step into that thought leadership role.