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How to gain 100 high-quality leads in 30 days (without paid ads)

Oct 13, 2023

I'll start today's post with a quick story...

Michael (let's call him) owned a successful laboratory, 10 years in business and multi-millions in annual revenue. Except, he'd noticed leads were gradually drying up.

He typically gained new business from referrals and word-of-mouth at networking events.

He was worried, then flat-out stressed. Without high-quality leads coming in, his lab couldn't close the deals they needed to keep the lights on (let alone grow revenue).

His business model remained sound. His tech was still in demand.

A quick audit would've revealed that he was doing hardly any active, OUTWARD promotion to build awareness of his company. (= marketing)

  • He didn't publish articles.
  • He didn't show up as a speaker.
  • He didn't use LinkedIn to gain visibility (only as an online resume).
  • He didn't have a process to acquire and organize leads.


He just didn't KNOW. He was a trained chemist. Zero business education - and yet he was a successful owner! He didn't understand how important it is to outwardly market his company - IN ADDITION TO the traditional tactics he was already doing.

Full disclosure: Michael is a pseudonym representing multiple clients I've worked with - the facts are real, just amalgamated across multiple people I've worked with. (To learn what came of Michael, I share it in my book--along with dozens of real, named CEOs and their journeys--Scientist to CEO.)

Because I've heard a version of this story a million times, I created a guide to help companies just like Michael's get more leads in a more predictable, PROACTIVE way.

You may not have budget to hire a marketer like me, but you CAN download my FREE guide to learn the same system I use for my clients:

🛣️---> Your Next 100 Leads: A 30-Day Roadmap! <---🛣️

It's the latest resource inside Life Science Growth Intensive, my group program + coaching hybrid with Erica Sosnowski (yup, we cover BD, too!).

Because, let's face it: Your company has so much potential to make an impact, but if you can’t attract enough of the RIGHT people, your impact (and revenue potential) is limited. 📉

In this guide, we will provide a roadmap of steps so that you can gain 100 new, high-quality leads in a month’s time – without paid ads.

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