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Come with your science. Leave with your next 12 months of marketing planned & ready to execute

business essentials marketing marketing planning marketing strategy Nov 13, 2023

Whenever I have an intro call with someone, or listen to a new client’s challenges, a theme inevitably emerges.

They all have similar business types.

They all have similar business goals.

They all face similar challenges (so much so that Iwrote an entire book on it.)

And while the solution may be simple—hire a marketing employee or consultant or agency to strategize or implement for you—not all companies can afford the significant investment.

On the flip side, there is plenty of free help in terms of mentorship or business coaching, but often this is too generic for the highly complex, extremely specific needs of the life sciences sector.

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with helping scientific companies with business and marketing. That’s why I paired up with Erica Sosnowski, my partner in crime on the BD side and co-founder ofLife Science Growth Intensive, to create a solution that actually WORKS for the unique needs of our industry.

That solution is: The Ultimate Marketing Bundle. It’s the marketing templates you need to go from ZERO (or bits and pieces that don’t fit together) to an entire year’s worth of strategic marketing planned out.

With this template bundle, you will be able to:

  • Organize loose ideas and wishful thinking into an ACTION PLAN
  • Fill in any gaps with specific ideas, examples, and ideas you may not have thought of yourself
  • Have all the tools and materials to IMPLEMENT your strategy in order to gain visibility, generate leads, and drive revenue – for a fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant, employee, or intern

(Note: You can implement much of this on day one!)

How are these templates different from other resources online?

Customized to the unique needs of scientific companies

You won’t get content this customized from any accelerators, incubators, business coaches, etc. Wherever possible, we include detail (specific event names, tools common in our industry, topic ideas, LinkedIn strategies, and lots more.)

Beautifully designed yet unique enough to stand out

Our templates aren’t boring, black-and-white Word documents! They are beautifully designed, customizable, and editable in a variety of file types.

Built-in ideas & examples

Wherever we can, we give MORE than just the blank template. In many sections, you’ll find pre-filled examples from real companies and industries (no confidential detail, but enough to show you the way). You can take or leave as much or as little as you want.

Read more about the bundle here.

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