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Is your LinkedIn company page boring or repetitive? Get the exact system I use

linkedin social media May 04, 2023

I keep a running list of FAQs I hear from companies, and one of the top questions is: "What should I post about on my LinkedIn company page (so that it's not boring/repetitive)?" 🤔

LinkedIn is probably the most powerful tool for raising awareness of your company and getting quality business opportunities/leads - especially in the B2B world.

As part of my job, I manage several LinkedIn company pages and have honed a pretty efficient and effective system for:

1) Growing pages and brand awareness

2) Creating content that gains impressions and engagement

3) Managing pages so they generate inquiries/calls/subscribes (and, eventually, sales $$$)

And while the process I use is straightforward, I realize that it can be difficult for my clients to do themselves - and do well. Plus, they're busy running their businesses, so there's no time to read up on best practices or create content consistently.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by what to post on your LinkedIn company page?

If you struggle to come up with fresh content ideas that will engage your audience and move them closer to your business goals, that's very common. Also, news flash: it's even harder in highly technical or scientific industries!

That's why I turned the exact system I use into a free workbook. Inside you’ll find:

  • The ideal mix of topic areas (sometimes we over-educate and fail to entertain!)
  • List of key topics that will resonate with your target audience
  • Pre-written captions to use as is, or customize to your company
  • Prompts to create your own ideas based on industry/team/business

Who can benefit from the workbook?

Any business-to-business (B2B) company, from start-ups and small businesses to medium and larger organizations. You might be a seasoned marketer yourself, or a business owner DIY-ing your social media. Industries/businesses it would work well for: 

  • Service providers, labs, manufacturers, CROs, etc.
  • Life science, biotech, health, nutrition, pharma
  • Product or technology companies
  • B2B companies (or B2C end customers that still need awareness on LinkedIn)

(You can still benefit if outside the sciences.)

I will be offering this for FREE (temporarily - after 15 days it will be an offer inside Life Science Growth Intensive), so now's your chance to download it for $0.


If you find this valuable, why not share the link with a friend or colleague who might benefit? For more resources like this, check out my group program with Erica Sosnowski, Life Science Growth Intensive.

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