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3 ways LinkedIn accelerated my business growth (and generated >$80K)

linkedin social media thought leadership May 20, 2023

As a content person, I love when other professionals share real results they’ve achieved—and how they did it—with specific examples. 

So I thought I’d share a few ways I’ve used LinkedIn to grow my consulting business and build thought leadership. Read on to learn how to apply the same strategies for yourself.

(Here’s a link to my profile for context.)

How My LinkedIn Journey Evolved

As background, I joined LinkedIn in September 2010, around the time I started my first job. Back then, the platform was used like an online resume and networking site.

All I ever did on it was post quarterly (max), connect with people I met through work, and share posts about nutrition or my employer’s posts. I had maybe 500 connections total.

Oh, how things have changed!

Since then, I (and LinkedIn’s >700 million users) have adapted to the platform’s features and algorithms. Today it’s still a prime networking tool but also a powerful content-sharing and advertising avenue.

Millions of entrepreneurs and business owners like you and me are using it successfully to grow their companies. These include entrepreneurs, executives, small business owners, coaches, consultants, directors and VPs, you name it.

Here are the main ways I personally used LinkedIn to accelerate growth for my marketing consulting company, which I founded in 2019.

1. Thought Leadership

5 years ago, I decided to start posting more frequently - 2x/month or so. The aim was to tell the market that I was now offering marketing services.

I got crystal clear on the topics I was going to talk about and started getting creative with my messages and post types. Not much came of it at first, but I kept posting because I knew LinkedIn was where my audience hangs out the most.

After 6-12 months of this (during my maternity leave), I got my first client - and he came from LinkedIn. It was a cold DM that turned into a contract (more on that later).

I’ve since upped my posting frequency for a simple reason: it works. I now post a couple times per week (sometimes every day, like now, as I’m doing a 44-day daily posting challenge).

I also switched to “creator mode” which prioritizes getting followers (versus connections). It’s part of my strategy for visibility.

Since then, any new people who book intro calls with me or ask for quotes get on the phone ALREADY UNDERSTAND WHAT I DO AND WHO I DO IT FOR.

This is huge. I never have to “sell” myself or explain/clarify my services or skills. From my LinkedIn presence and website alone, they already know and have in a way pre-qualified themselves.

2. Speaking Opportunities

A few years ago, I received a cold DM from someone looking for experts/speakers for a college entrepreneurship centre. In the past, I would basically ignore my message inbox, assuming (naively) that it’s 99% spam.

Not sure why I replied to this one, but as a newer business owner, I was starting to actively expand my network so I figured, why not? The DM quickly turned into a speaking contract and I’ve been hosting paid workshops with the college for over 2 years now.

Another speaking gig came by luck and strategic, consistent posting. An event organizer was scrolling his LinkedIn feed when a post I made on behalf of a client piqued his curiosity. Long story short, we went on to deliver a 2-day in-person workshop for a group of 50 pharma executives with that organization.

I love public speaking (strange as an introvert, even I don’t get it) and hope to do more speaking engagements soon.

3. Leads & Clients

I know my content gets noticed and seen, but does it bring new business through the door? Sure does, which is why I love it so much.

Recently, I posted a video (my first LinkedIn video, actually) and had a discovery call booked simply because the guy had seen it (I asked). He wants to explore work together starting this fall.

On top of regular discovery call bookings, I frequently get new email subscribers who go on to see my communications then eventually reach out.

That’s great, you might ask, but what about the money? I’ll tell you.

Both my very first client, and my largest client, came from LinkedIn. The first found me after searching for “marketing consultant.” The other heard about me from a colleague, looked me up on LinkedIn, then reached out via DM.

Using back-of-the-napkin math, I’d estimate that I’ve earned >$80K from clients who came from LinkedIn.

How You Can Achieve the Same (or Better!) Results

None of this has been magic or luck. I didn’t start with a large audience. My following now isn’t large, either. But - it makes money.

How I did it was a mix of strategy, a consistent message, and the ability to stick it out for the long haul that helped me supercharge my business growth.

Sure, it takes time and effort (those graphics don’t design themselves!), but the methods I use aren’t rocket science.

I now use the same approach for clients. I run personal profiles as well as company pages so the executives (my clients) can spend more time in their “zone of genius” while making their LinkedIn presence a powerful visibility and lead generation tool (not a time-suck or source of frustration). 

If you want to amplify your LinkedIn but aren’t sure how (there are a lot of moving parts and it changes rapidly!), I have 2 spots next month for LinkedIn VIP coaching. It’s 2 x 90-minute individual 1:1 sessions with me where we:

  1. Uncover your unique, can't-be-copied professional voice
  2. Nail your compelling message and the sub-topics you'll communicate about
  3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  4. Create an impactful (yet realistic and achievable) posting schedule
  5. Grow a quality (not generic or irrelevant) network of connections and/or followers
  6. Create your 6-month content plan
  7. Learn how to review and analyze your metrics

Plus more.

Learn more and book your session today:

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